"WATW is a unique LA creature, one of the most creative bands in the Southland and one whose members’ individual talents blend together into rocket fuel to take you places no other band can even visualize." Music Junkie Press 

"We Are The West is a band for lovers of melodies, story-telling and organic music... with quality musicianship and a mature perspective on the world around them. Music Connection

"Perfectly imperfect... pours directly into your heart." American Pancake

"Honest and raw in the best possible way... for the sophisticated folk fan [with] layers of intricacies more akin to contemporary jazz than typical folk roots." Ear to the Ground

"If the parking garage is an instrument itself, Hool and Kibler are virtuosos."

"I was immediately drawn to their sweet folk-ish delivery, but as their songs unraveled I was happy to hear them grow into a hard rockin' acoustic group, then back down to a pastoral ambience.  Sometimes all of this in the space of one 7-8 minute song.  I was hooked." Unkovr

"Absolutely breathtaking... as though the world stands still for a moment." Confront Magazine

"Regardless of where they play, parking garage or recording studio, everything they play is superb, and We Are The West's EP series is a must have for anyone who just plain enjoys music." Vents Magazine

"Refreshingly different and exploratory.  Their skillfully crafted music is layered into the context of very live performing and recording spaces, resulting in songs of a haunting beauty and intimacy.  Their WATW III recording brings us close to performance poetry in places but always underpinned by fabulous playing and voices that reveal real passion.  It repays focussed listening." Suffolk and Cool

"This is real, legit, experimental stuff." The Collective

"... screams folk in the quietest and most poetic way possible." In Your Speakers 

"... there is an instant and very real perception of the world slowing down, fingers on strings become more vivid, notes are accentuated by the ambiance of the space around them, there is a remarkable stillness and calm.  Pastoral vocals embrace poetic lyrics, this is gold dust to those seeking out an unhurried moment, a brief sojourn." Folk Radio UK  


"A timeless sound... the evocative aesthetic is pure, worth the walk down to the water, while you explore how you got there." Acres


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