Ah, Light

Ah, Light


early in the morning 
when the sun's still low 
beyond the ridge 
we were drinking coffee 
boiled eggs and toast 
when the light came in 
and before me 
figures forming 
in the distance 
in an instant 

later in the evening 
with the moon still low 
a thousand eyes 
tide was rising 
and we looked up 
a shooting star 
there before me 
space unfolding 
in the distance 
in an instant 
and before me 
all around me 
endless distance 
in an instant 
ah, light!

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Brett Hool | voice, guitar 
John Kibler | voice, bass, chimes, crotales 
Mathias Künzli | drums, percussion 
Sylvain Carton | woodwinds, recording 
Mouzhan Yousefi | piano 
Elliot Bergman | recording 
Jonathan Burnside | mix, master 
Simon Guyomard | photography