by We Are The West

An aural postcard, these three songs were recorded live as a duo in Sebastopol, California. Rain was falling, frogs were croaking, and we were holed up in a small room overlooking the soggy world outside. When we got home and took a listen we decided to invite a few of our favorite artists, who we are lucky enough to call dear friends, to add something to each of them. On ‘Hold On’, Marië Abe played accordion and Elizabeth Goodfellow sang and played percussion. Our first cover, ‘The Thin Red Line’ was written by one of our favorite songwriters, Michael Bush, and features Dina Maccabee on violin. The title track features Jesse Olsen Bay on pump organ, and Beth on cymbals. The cover art was painted by David A. Soto. 

A special edition of the EP is being released on cassette via the Touch Tapes label, featuring a fifteen minute Side B amalgam of sounds and songs of our past, present, and future.

performed by Brett Hool, John Kibler, Elizabeth Goodfellow, Marië Abe, Dina Maccabee, Jesse Olsen Bay
recorded by Jesse Olsen Bay & We Are The West

mixing assistance by Ben Tolliday
mastered by Jonathan Burnside