COVER - The Golden Shore NEW 10-20 SMALL.jpg


by We Are The West

From beyond the setting sun comes the sound of We Are The West. The intrepid imaginers lay claim to no particular state or border, only a direction, calling the listener to explore the familiar and embrace the unknown. Their boldest vision yet is a portrait of endless possibility and sonic adventure that must be heard to be seen. We Are The West welcomes you to The Golden Shore.

“Excellent.” No Depression
“Transcendent.” Performer
“Thoroughly original.” Magnet
“Heavenly.” The Alternate Root
“Incredible.” Music Connection
“Extraordinary.” Artistic Echoes UK
“Uniquely immersive.” Under The Radar
“One of the best albums of 2018.” Daily Vault
“Delightfully unclassifiable.” Music Junkie Press
“A fantastically immersive and deep album.” Neu Futur
“Deeply human and intensely creative.” The Dispatch by Folk Rebellion
“Soulful atmospherics layered with sophisticated ideas and arrangements.” The Argonaut
“An album to luxuriate in, to lay back eyes closed and find yourself transported.” Americana UK
“An ambitious trip through upbeat pop, psychedelic folk, chamber music, and planes of time.” Pasadena Weekly
“Unmatched. It takes you to other worlds, just over the horizon and deep in your mind and your heart.” Vents Magazine